Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS)

Research – what we know so far

Research conducted in Hampshire may be summarised like this:

  • teachers …
    • feel empowered and many are reminded about why they came into the job
    • have more time to teach, achieve good progress and higher standards for children, and there is less low-level disruption
    • find that the classroom and school atmosphere is healthier – teachers enjoy their jobs more
  • children and young people …
    • understand, and feel, that since they have rights, others have rights too and everyone has the responsibility to respect the rights of others (including the right to achieve the five outcomes of the Children Act)
    • show a greater concern for themselves, each other and children in other parts of the world
    • find that their language becomes more sophisticated and they are more likely to use higher-order thinking
    • find that their approach to resolving conflict with each other and adults is less adversarial
    • find that there is less bullying
    • are more likely to attend school
    • are less likely to be excluded.

RRR has the potential to transform schools and to influence communities.