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Curriculum planning

The current 2008 National Curriculum

Following the current secondary curriculum coming into force with Year 7 in September 2008, schools have taken the opportunity to re-evaluate their provision. The current curriculum was established so there was more focus on transferable skills such as team working, independence, resilience and problem-solving where required. To assist schools with developing their curriculum the following report was commissioned with case studies highlighting good practice in Hampshire schools.


The review of the National Curriculum

On 20 January 2011 the Secretary of State for Education announced a review of the National Curriculum in England. The new National Curriculum will set out only the essential knowledge that all children should acquire, and give schools and teachers more freedom to decide how to teach this most effectively and to design a wider school curriculum that best meets the needs of their pupils.

While the review is being conducted, the existing National Curriculum requirements for both primary and secondary schools will remain in force and schools should plan on that basis.

The published timetable for the implementation of the new curriculum is detailed below. Please note that there have been some changes to this timetable following the announcement by the Secretary of State on 21 December 2011:



January 2011

Review launched.

September 2013

New programmes of study for all subjects included in the new National Curriculum are made available to schools.

September 2014

Teaching of the new programmes of study for all subjects to be included in the National Curriculum becomes statutory.

The Department for Education say "A detailed timetable for the conduct of the remainder of the review - including a refreshed remit - will be published early in 2012."

To support schools to see how these changes will impact on different year groups as they make their way through the school Hampshire have developed the document below to act as a guide:

Changes to GCSEs and Key Stage 3 (KS3) curriculum – Timetable for change Microsoft Word 48kb

  • Matthew Syed, British journalist, broadcaster, author of Bounce

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  • Tim Oates (Ex-chair of the National Curriculum Expert Panel)

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    Hampshire Curriculum Conference, took place on 21 September 2012. Please find information and resources from the conference available above.