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  • Thengapalli pack

    Thengapalli pack

    An extensive cross-curricular pack about a remarkable example of successful environmental change in the Indian village of Kesharpur, through geography, English, drama, music, dance, religious education and SMSC. It includes 105 colour photographs, a colour village map, an audio cassette, background information and activities for pupils. Designed for KS2 but still useful in KS3.

    Price:  HCC £25, external £25 (including VAT) (plus £7.75 p&p)


  • Thengapalli A3 colour village map/Large scale floor map

    Thengapalli – A3 colour village map / Large-scale floor map

    The A3 colour map of the village from the main Thengapalli pack, which can be purchased separately.

    Price: HCC £2.50

    The colour map of the village from the main Thengapalli pack is enlarged to a16-piece laminated colour floor map sized 168 cm x 118 cm.

    Price: HCC £31.50


  • Forest and futures - book and video

    Thengapalli – Forests and futures – book and video

    A lively 30-minute video and accompanying teachers’ book which supports Thengapalli, looking at everyday life in the village of Kesharpur, including football, school, shopping in the nearby town and the colourful Diwali celebrations. Plus an update on the local road and bridge schemes and on the local environmental movement, including the history of the remarkable BOJBP (Friends of trees and living beings) by 80-year-old Bapa, one of its founders.

    Price: HCC £18, external £18 (including VAT)