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Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS)

A range of teaching packs, artefact boxes and books are available for purchase/loan from the RADE Centre.

  • Challenging prejudice

    Challenging prejudice

    A cross-curricular secondary teaching and learning pack which challenges prejudice and discrimination using the experience of the Gypsy ethnic group as a case study. Provides a scheme of work and a range of detailed lesson plans (also on CD).

    Price: £35, external £40 (excluding VAT)


  • The Hampshire school self-evaluation tool for promotion of SMSC development

    The Hampshire school self-evaluation tool for the promotion of SMSC development

    This new publication brings schools up to date with current position of SMSC in schools and offers a self-evaluation tool to help schools identify their current provision and suggest ways forward.

    Price: HCC £6 (electronic £4), external £25


  • Coming unstuck

    Coming unstuck: Teaching about racism with 10 to 11-year-olds

    A comprehensive programme of rights, respect and responsibilities/citizenship education for tackling the different issues surrounding race and racism. It contains a range of pupil activities, plus clear teacher guidance.

    Price: HCC £30, external Price: £37