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Special educational needs (SEN)


    SIDNEY (Screening and intervention for dyslexia, notably in the Early Years)

    This multi-sensory, highly structured set of materials is used to teach children aged 5 – 7 who have been identified through screening as being at risk of literacy problems, and helps them develop early reading and writing skills. These materials aim to provide literacy skills equal to those of Key Stage 1, bringing pupils up to national levels. The materials consist of a teaching book, a set of photocopiable pictures, record sheets and certificates.

    Price: HCC £40, external £50



    STRANDS (Spelling then reading, approaching the needs of dyslexic students)

    STRANDS comprises of over 1,000 photocopiable worksheets organised into seven files, intended for use by teachers working with dyslexic pupils in Years 2 – 7+ who are following a highly structured, cumulative, multi-sensory approach. There is a teacher’s file, five packs of worksheets (increasing in knowledge) and a suffixing pack.

    Price: HCC individual volumes £15 each; all seven volumes £90



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