Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS)
  • Behaviour policy.
  • Teaching and learning policy.
  • Schemes of work/programmes of study for emotional health and well-being and the development of social and emotional skills (will link to PSHE curriculum and SoW).
  • Safeguarding policy (ref criterion 1.5).
  • Inclusion policy.
  • Examples of good practice in combating stigma and discrimination.
  • Examples of practice in tailoring support around more vulnerable children/young people.
  • Prospectus.
  • School vision/mission statement and aims (if not in the prospectus).
  • Anti-bullying policy.
  • Staff continued professional development (CPD) file (relevant training within the last two years).
  • Confidentiality policy (also required for core theme PSHE).
  • Examples of celebration activities and displays.
  • Examples of processes and policies that offer a pastoral support system to staff.

Challenging homophobic bullying in schools