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What is a Healthy School?

Schools play a key role in supporting the health and well-being of children and young people. Recent education and health white papers recognise how schools can help children to become happier, healthier, and more ready to learn and achieve their full potential.

Healthy Schools enables and supports schools to plan and implement health and well-being improvements for their children and young people

A healthy school promotes physical and emotional health by providing accessible and relevant information and equips pupils and staff with the understanding, skills and attitudes to make informed decisions about their health. Pupils flourish in a positive environment and are given a voice to influence whole-school decisions. A healthy school understands the importance of investing in health to help pupils do their best, raise levels of achievement, improve standards and develop policies and practices to promote health.

Healthy Schools adopts a whole-school approach, involving the whole-school community, parents/carers, governors, staff and pupils in improving children’s health. The process is needs-led and can support the school development plan in striving for continual improvement.

A national Healthy Schools toolkit is now available to support the local process within Hampshire, using simplified planning and review tools. The whole school review is a useful template that enables schools to capture all aspects of their health and well-being activities. Separate planning tools support a plan, do, review approach to achieving changes in health behaviour, that are meaningful to individual schools. This approach will ensure schools put in place the most appropriate services and meet the needs of their own children and young people.

The Hampshire Healthy Schools programme is committed to providing support, leadership, quality assurance and recognition to all Hampshire schools through the well established partnership between education and health.