Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS)

What we do

HIAS exists to promote and sustain continuous improvement in the standards achieved by Hampshire pupils and students and in the quality of their education.

We set out to achieve this mission by:

  • Building capacity for success in self-managing schools through:
    • the work of leadership and learning partners (LLPs) in schools
    • supporting the recruitment, appointment and induction of headteachers
    • supporting the recruitment, appointment and induction of other senior and middle managers
    • implementing a management development programme for headteachers and other senior staff
    • providing schools with data so that they can compare and benchmark their performance as part of their self-evaluation
    • providing clear messages to schools about the county's priorities based on the LA's performance data and analysis
    • recruitment and training of governors
  • Providing high-quality support services to schools for purchase to help schools work on their own improvement strategies through:
    • the Inspection and Advisory Service
    • the Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College (HTLC)
  • Identifying and disseminating effective practice through:
    • targeted research in leadership, management, teaching and the curriculum
    • validated self-selection (of good practice)
    • working with Teaching schools
    • the day-to-day work of inspector/advisers
    • high-quality training programme and networks for schools
  • Helping schools in particular areas to work together to improve, for example:
    • curriculum support groups
    • development groups
    • local networks
  • Improving the weak parts of otherwise effective schools through:
    • targeted support for literacy
    • targeted support for numeracy
    • targeted support to weak departments in secondary schools
    • targeted support to identified teachers and leaders/managers
  • Preventing school failure - tackling weaknesses in schools which:
    • are underperforming
    • are underachieving
    • lack the capacity to improve by themselves
    • require short-term support
  • Improving the weakest schools:
    • those with serious weaknesses
    • those in special measures.

The work of HIAS is measured by the impact this work has on the outcomes achieved by schools for pupils.

A great deal of work goes on in the rest of the Children's Services Department, and the County Council, which supports the work of HIAS.