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Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS)

Encourage every young person to achieve their best …

The team understands the need to work closely with the consortia and youth support teams to ensure that strategy becomes reality. The team seeks to:   

  • ensure high-quality universal drug and alcohol education in schools, colleges and other youth settings, and to provide swift and easy access for young people to receive appropriate drug and alcohol interventions

  • reduce teenage conceptions through high-quality sex and relationships education in all schools and youth settings, and easy access to contraceptive and sexual health services

  • support young parents to achieve their full potential

  • encourage schools, colleges and other settings to provide quality information, advice and guidance, and address careers education through a planned programme and opportunities for one-to-one reviews

  • support schools in becoming Healthy Schools in order to fully address personal, social and health education, healthy eating, physical activity, and emotional health and well-being through a whole-school approach, engaging with young people and the wider community

  • encourage every young person to achieve their best, especially in opportunities beyond the taught curriculum and to record and celebrate their successes through the e-Profile

  • support schools developing a comprehensive personal development curriculum to include all the elements.

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