Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS)

Attendance guidance for schools

  • County leave of absence form for schools Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 175kb – this form has been updated inline with Hampshire County Council's code of conduct for the issuing penalty notices for non-attendance. Schools are advised to use this form and issue these to parent/carers when they request a leave of absence during term time for their child(ren).

  • Elective home education (EHE) – advice to schools for headteachers to apply (2014) PDF – this new document is written as section 8 of the Promoting pupil attendance and recording absence guidance, but can also be read as a standalone document. It sets out clear procedures and the required actions for schools or other education providers when a parent indicates they would like to consider elective home education or flexi-schooling.

  • Good practice guidance for attendance and safeguarding (2016) – this updated document is written as section 10 of the Promoting pupil attendance and recording absence guidance but can also be read as a standalone document. It replaces the 2010 guidance of the same title. It sets out effective practice to support schools and other education providers in meeting their safeguarding duties related to both pupil admission to school and on-going pupil attendance at school.

  • Guidance for schools on support and procedures for pursuing legal action for non-attendance Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 1mb – this guidance sets out the expected procedures for all Hampshire schools and academies when recording unauthorised absence. It supports all education providers in understanding the possible legal sanctions available and how each sanction is administered. This guidance should be read in conjunction with Hampshire's Code of Conduct – issuing penalty notices for unauthorised absence from schools. Please note: to print this document Select Properties and choose A3, Landscape. Under Page Size and Handling (Size), select Actual Size and Choose paper source by PDF size. Under Orientation, select Auto portrait.

  • Requests for extended leave of absence or absence to temporarily reside abroad Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 378kb – this document sets out for Hampshire schools and academies advice and guidance on how headteachers should respond and act to request from parents/carers for extended periods of absence (extended leave). The advice given is consistent and links with the guidance for schools on attendance and safeguarding, advice for children on school roll but absent and as risk of missing; and our code of conduct for issuing penalty notices.

  • The placement of children outside their chronological year group  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 328kB – this document sets out guidance on deceleration or acceleration of pupils outside of their chronological age group. The guidance explains whose responsibility it is to make the decision and issues to consider if the decision is the headteacher's. For further support contact Hampshire's Education Inclusion Service.


School attendance guidance documents published by the Department for Education


Attendance leaflets

We have a range of leaflets that schools can use to inform parent/carers about the importance of attendance. These include good attendance, illness and absence through religious festivals.

Good school attendance guide

Every day counts – Your child’s attendance matters!  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 353kB

Information on Islam for schools with Muslim pupils