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The Olympic and Paralympic Values

Friendship, Excellence, Respect, Equality, Inspiration, Determination and Courage

Be Inspired 4 Life

Hampshire’s Be Inspired 4 Life teaching resource has been created using the inspiration of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as a springboard to engage children, young people and professionals.

The Games provide a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for teachers and educators to:

  • raise childrens’ aspirations
  • encourage high levels of attainment
  • promote healthy lifestyles and healthy eating develop or strengthen partnerships locally, nationally or internationally.

This resource supports practitioners with ideas, lesson suggestions, background information, resources and websites. It is designed to be used in a variety of ways, either by a cross curricular approach with detailed mind maps, or by subjects with suggestions progressive across the Key Stages.

The resource is broken down into seven sections:

Be Inspired 4 Life Challenge booklet

This booklet has been designed to compliment the Be Inspired 4 Life resource above. It is based on the five themes with mini challenges and tasks for children and young people to undertake. The Challenge Booklet is designed to enhance the taught themes in the resource folder, so should used inconjunction with the folder, and therefore be suitable across the Key Stages.

Download a copy of the Be Inspired 4 Life Challenge booklet Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 272kb


Resources for Primary Schools

Developing Rich Mathematical Tasks Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 211kb
Resource from the Hampshire Mathematics Advisory Team

Olympic Maths
Resource from NGfL Cymru

London 2012 Hampshire HIAS English Team

Get Ready for the London 2012 Games
Pamphlets illustrating how one particular subject area might use the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as a stimulus.
Cost £7.50

Activ8 is an initiative from Sport Northern Ireland promoting 8 steps for children to get active and stay healthy, which has been awarded the London 2012 Inspire Mark. Activ8 encourages children to take part in at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day and record their success in the Activ8 Diary distributed through participating primary schools in Northern Ireland.

Resources connecting the Olympics to Languages

Schools links

  • The Anton School 2012 Project

Resources for Secondary schools


Should the Olympic Games be used as a political platform ?

Idea 1

  • 1936 Jesse Owens & Adolf Hitler
  • Nazi racial theory in the context of the Games
  • DVDs  The Jesse Owens Story

Idea 2

  • 1968 Mexico Black Power
  • Tommy Smith & John Carlos
  • Youtube clips available/Posters can be bought from Amazon
  • Jesse Owens was asked to `tell them off’ (scene in the `Jesse Owens story’)

Idea 3

  • 1972 Munich Massacre
  • Opening scene of film Munich where the Black September Terrorists were helped into the Olympic village by some American athletes returning from a night out.
  • Link with problems in Middle East at moment

Idea 4

Could use the following

  • 1976 African Boycott of the Montreal Games
  • 1980 Boycott of Moscow Games over the Russian Invasion of Afghanistan (link with Afghanistan today !!)
  • 1984 Counter Russian Boycott of Los Angeles Games
  • 2008 Beijing Torch Relay & Human Rights issues with China



Hampshire’s Hopefuls

Hampshire’s Hopefuls is a collection of testimonies from a variety of young people who live and work in Hampshire. They are all high achievers in the world of sport but also in other areas of their lives. Whilst heralding from a wide range of backgrounds, they all share common aspirations and goals.

The 2012 London Olympics offers children everywhere the opportunity to engage with sport and sporting achievement. Hopefully the spirit of aspiration and determination will transfer into other aspects of their lives. A pack has been produced to engage the children in Hampshire’s schools – it focuses primarily on Hampshire’s athletes and brings the spirit of the Olympic Flame to their doorstep.

The resource can also extend beyond 2012 across the curriculum, and provides opportunity for future study. Although the main focus of the aspirations and the achievements of these young people is sport-related, those qualities and values contribute to success in many other fields. The pack also provides an opportunity to explore and reflect on the concept of role-model and what that means to all of us in the multi-layered society in which we live. A common thread throughout all the accounts is that of the role of parents and coaches in inspiring and supporting the young people in their chosen sport.

Download the Hampshire Hopefuls Pack