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Welcome to the Rights respecting education website

The site is designed to enable you to navigate your own route in developing rights respecting education (RRE) in your school. Whether it's getting started or embedding RRE, whether you are researching impact or ideas for teaching and learning, or how to assess your RRE progress, you will find it here. Plus lots more – videos, PowerPoints an Ofsted self-evaluation form (SEF). You decide where to go. You can also use the site as a source of school to school support.


We have developed a conceptual tree which places the UNCRC are the centre of our work and is very useful to use when discussing RRE in school.

More information is available on Resource for sale page on the RADE Centre webpage.

Rights respect and responsibilities (RRR) is now referred to as RRE in Hampshire. The article by STRIDE on this page illustrates why since 2013, there have been moves, led by guidance from Unicef’s Rights Respecting Schools award, towards decoupling these two terms. The theory behind separating the two terms is sound – children’s rights are universal and inalienable. Children have them by virtue of being born. To quote Unicef guidance in August 2011 "Rights are unconditional; they are therefore, not dependent upon a responsibility and cannot be taken away, earned or used as a reward”.