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Learning walk for response partners

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Fairfields Primary and Castle Hill Infant School in Basingstoke have developed a working link. The school councillors from each school have been working together over the past six months. They started by visiting each other's schools and began to make comparisons of each setting. Each time they work together, they carry out a learning walk to investigate an aspect of RRE, eg investigating rights respecting behaviour and language at lunchtimes. They were ready to look at something a little more specific in classrooms, where learning was happening. Some of the school councillors in Fairfields Primary School identified that the use of response partners within classes were not always as effective as they should be. The children wanted to make some observations to help classes see what they could improve so this was to be the focus of the next learning walk when Castle Hill Infants visited them. The children at Castle Hill do not have response partners so they were also keen to see how they could be used. During the learning walk work, children worked together in teams to make observations and discuss their findings. Children from both schools went on to share their findings with the rest of their schools. At Fairfields Primary all classes have spent time discussing how they can work in response partners even more effectively. They plan to do some follow-up learning walks and spend time talking to children and teachers to see if they feel improvements have been made.

Members of Fairfields' School Council:

"We use learning walks to improve the school and see what we need to do better at. We look around the school and discuss these things."


"I like doing them because it's good for the school. They [Castle Hill] can bring their ideas to us and we can share ours. Both schools can get better."