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Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS)

Examples of good practice

The following examples of good practice around staff well-being were recorded in 2010 by schools submitting their annual review as they embarked upon the enhancement of their Healthy Schools Status.

Section 7 of the annual review focuses on Staff continuing professional development (CPD) needs, health and well-being.

7.3 gives the opportunity for a school to answer the question – How does your school encourage staff to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle to enable them to be positive role models?

Here are some of the responses:

  • "Staff have access to the leisure centre facilities and have free access to use the gym here on Friday after school. Staff training was provided in order to use this. Staff football is also played on Fridays.

    In June, a CPD session will focus on staff well-being – a number of activities will be on offer to staff, linked to healthy living and staff well-being. This has been funded by the school.

    The headteacher places great emphasis on staff well-being and models a healthy work/life balance with staff.

    Wildern School



  • "Pilates is held every week on a Wednesday afternoon in the school hall. This is offered to all staff members. The opportunity for discounted gym membership at the local gym has been offered to all staff. Staff and children were given the opportunity to run alongside the inclusion manager as she trained for the marathon on the school field. No smoking signs are displayed around the school. All staff members are encouraged to have a healthy work/life balance. In November 2009, all members completed a WoW audit and this information was used to improve staff well-being. Staff charter outlines rights and responsibilities.

    Sunhill Infants School



  • Staff enrolled in Hampshire well-being project, local well-being cluster group formed. Well-being policy, independent questionnaire. Work life balance encouraged, eg: through performance management. school development plan. Discuss with staff the opportunities they have to participate in the cross country club after school plus the aerobics and rounders clubs they can attend. Local staff netball/running club. Regular staff social events.

    Manor Junior School



  • All staff are aware of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The school has fresh fruit in the staffroom and a chilled water dispenser. The staff have participated in Race for Life. Staff are encouraged to take time off if unwell, so as to fully recuperate. Staff encouraged to have a healthy work/life balance.

    Kempshott Infant School



  • Members of staff run and take part in after school/lunchtime clubs. Bike racks for staff that cycle to work and Hampshire County Council cycle scheme offered to staff. Pilates session available after school on site weekly. All staff model healthy behaviour. No smoking on school site. Food in school policy – reviewed by all staff. Staff participate in charity events. Reducing stress pack available in school. Stress relief staff meetings.

    Hiltingbury Infant School



  • Recent changes to PPA arrangements enable staff to meet as teams for one whole day per fortnight instead of one half day per week. This has supported a better work/life balance. Year leaders have been given an extra half day per week management time as a direct response to discussion about work/life balance. Professional staff meeting time is given to all staff for 6 weeks to support the writing of annual reports. Headteacher and deputy headteacher encourage staff to leave the site by 6.00 pm.

    Lee-on-Solent Junior School



  • The physical education co-ordinator's enthusiasm is infectious to both staff and children The parent/child dance club was attended by some staff. Signposting. Staff have water bottles in class, as do children. On the playground duty staff eat fruit as a healthy snack.”

    Nursling Church of England Primary School



  • Good news notice board. Staff bring in cakes and a healthy option on birthdays/occasions. Staff always wear appropriate clothes and footwear when teaching PE lessons.

    Woodcroft Primary School