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Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS)

WoW contacts and links

  • EPS

    Education Personnel Services (EPS)

    Education Personnel Services provides services to school managers in respect of people management issues. Staff are encouraged to resolve issues through their usual line management route and, where necessary, to seek advice from their professional association or trade union. Where staff are not members of these associations EPS can be contacted for procedural advice.

    If you would like to talk to some one from EPS, please contact Sharon Collins or Amanda Stevens, on:

    Tel:  023 8038 3500.


  • Employee Support Line

    Confidential Well-being Helpline

    Confidential Well-being Helpline is a confidential counselling and support service provided by trained, experienced counsellors, providing face-to-face counselling available throughout Hampshire.
    023 8062 6606


  • A pair of scissors

    Health and Safety

    The Health and Safety Team pages provide guidance and downloadable forms/templates for use within schools on health and safety aspects, such as risk assessments and upcoming training.


  • Healthy Schools

    Healthy Schools

    The Healthy Schools Programme will be school-led from April 2011. This will involve simplifying the tools, including the audit and from April 2011, a Healthy Schools Toolkit will be available. The toolkit will contain resources for schools to use to influence health improvement in children and young people and will help schools identify, plan and implement health behaviour change.

    The Healthy Schools Toolkit will be hosted on the Department for Education (DfE) website, and will be a downloadable folder containing information, frameworks and templates.


  • Occupational Health

    Occupational Health

    Occupational Health provide services to promote the health and well-being of staff in schools. The Occupational Health webpages provide links to guidance on all aspects of health, from the physical to the emotional.


Diocesan Support

Church schools may wish to contact their diocese to ascertain what support they may be able to offer in respect of investigating staff well-being.

Professional associations and trade unions

Hampshire County Council encourage staff to become members of trade unions or professional associations if they so wish. The unions recognised by the authority are set out below.

Well-being in schools can be enhanced by having Union Learning Representative (ULR) working with staff in the school.


Preventing stress

Workforce rights and responsibilities