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Create the Future

Create the Future is a unique project organised by Hampshire County Council’s Music Service and is a central contribution to the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

Over the 2011-2012 academic year six composers will make nearly 100 visits to 14 participating secondary schools – a major injection of creative expertise into Hampshire’s schools.

The project reflects two of the essential Olympic and Paralympic values:


  • Working with composers who are recognised as experts in their field, many young people will be inspired to compose themselves. This has a strong parallel with the use of sporting legends to inspire the next generation of athletes


  • Introducing experts into the classroom, with high expectations and capacity to develop high standards, will enable young people to engage with the creative process in a way that leads to outstanding outcomes

Everyone will be encouraged to explore creative processes – the whole project will explore how creative musical thinking inspires new music that reflects a range of musical and non-musical ideas.

The composers will be working with different groups of pupils and teachers in each school – and with a different aim in each location. Across the whole project, composers will focus on:

  • gifted and talented pupils from KS3

  • special needs pupils

  • composing as a springboard for whole-school development on creativity

  • vocal work

  • music theatre

  • jazz-influenced music

  • connections with art and other performing arts

The results of this exciting project will be performed within the school, at local venues and possibly at major county events in the summer of 2012. The best work may also be performed at London’s South Bank, as part of a national festival of new music.

There will also be news, blogs and project charts on a special area of the national web site NUMU, which already hosts a huge amount of music created and performed by school students.

Ultimately, the project will become what students make of it: only they can ‘Create the Future’ . . . .  and no-one knows what that will sound like . . . .

For further details please contact Kevin Rogers on 023 8065 2037 or