Practice - Get good by small, steady improvements

Practice is controlled repetition with a goal in mind.

The Goal



1. Make practice a habit - part of your daily routine

2. Have a goal - what are you trying to improve?

3. Break it down - work on small sections of music

4. One thing at a time - forget everything else

5. Work on the hard bits - so that you improve

6. Slow it down - so slowly you can't help but get it right

7. Gradually speed it up - even over several days for hard bits

8. Don't repeat mistakes - you will teach yourself to play it wrong

9. Listen as you play - or tape it and hear it back

10.Use your pupil record book - to keep track of your practice

As you practice, you will find bits you always fluff - bad players simply skate over these and never improve - good ones take the time to slowly and carefully concentrate their practice on these bits and gradually master them - and end up brilliant!