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We are continuing to expand our provision of instrumental teaching in Hampshire colleges. We already have some long established partnerships in place and we are pleased to consider any new requests. Please see our secondary opportunities for examples of how you can enrich the music learning at your college.

Also available to you...

  • The half-termly secondary music newsletter sent to all secondary schools can be sent to any sixth form college as well. Please contact us if you would like to be added to the distribution list, to keep up to date across the secondary sector

  • You are more than welcome to attend the annual secondary music conference or other relevant courses

  • We regularly support the A Level music panel meetings, providing important updates on issues from secondary schools which affect sixth form colleges

  • Representativies of sixth forms are also welcome to attend their local secondary music area panel: please contact us for details of local organisers and events

  • There is support for outstanding young composers through:

In all of these ways, Hampshire Music Service aims to ensure that good communication channels are sustained between the secondary and sixth form sectors, to benefit both students and staff.