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World Music

The success of our programme of World Music workshops means we are now expanding to include these exciting musics from around the world.

Workshops are delivered by expert tutors using authentic instruments, and are taught in whole class workshops suitable for both primary and secondary pupils, in line with National Curriculum standards.  

Workshops are available for a half-day, full-day or six week residency. Sessions can be divided into 35 to 55 minute classes, according to age group and the school timetable. The time may be used in many ways; many schools like every class to be involved at least once so everyone has an opportunity to play.

Workshops are currently available for the gamelan, samba, west African drums, Mediterranean drums, udu, Japanese taiko and Indian tabla.

To discuss the world music workshops that would be beneficial for your school please contact Kathy Moore on 023 8065 2037 or e-mail