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Primary Curriculum Team.

A range of opportunities is available for Hampshire Primary Schools through the Primary team. This team is led by;

Primary Music Consultants:
Liz Davies and Nicky Watling

A key aspect of the support provided by the team is the Hampshire Primary Curriculum Music Project which provides access to courses, conferences and publications. It also generates advisory material to support Primary music planning: National Curriculum Planning documents and Primary planning resources. Schools can buy in to the Primary Curriculum Music Project at a price based on the schools number on roll or purchase specific services on a “pay as you go basis”.  Please contact Hampshire Music Service for more information and prices.

  1. Hampshire Primary Curriculum Project - Including courses, conferences and documentation

  2. Publications - units of work and advisory material. (including free examples)

  3. Newsletters - termly news from HMS

  4. Visits to schools (previously SLA visits). Including inset, inspection and advice, planning, monitoring, demonstration lessons, themed workshops and anything else you can think of that we can help you with!

  5. Class Teaching - regular weekly input throughout the year delivered by enthusiastic classroom specialists

  6. Recorder opportunities

  7. Vocal opportunities

  8. World music workshops


Primary Music Curric Project

Buy in to an all-inclusive package!
Providing free or a reduced rate to access:

  • Courses

  • Conferences

  • Publications

  • Advisory material for music planning

  • National Curric Planning docs

  • Primary planning resources

  • Festivals

Schools can buy in to the Project at a price based on the schools number on roll
purchase specific services on a pay as you go basis

For more info...

Primary Music Opps brochure