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Primary National Curriculum Planning Documents

HMS Planning framework

The Hampshire Music Service planning framework consists of four documents which adhere to current thinking in general planning strategies whilst also recognising the particular nature of the national curriculum orders for music. They can be summarised as follows:

Skills Development Overview

Identifies the specific learning objectives for each year group and relates them directly to the programme of study. Use of this will lead to progression across the school.

Music Unit Brainstorm

The use of this (in conjunction with the skills development overview) will ensure that basic principles of planning are addressed at an early stage by all teachers who teach music. It will ensure that the purpose/context of a unit of work is clearly identified, and that a focus for a quality musical experience is found. Activities should be clearly linked to the learning objectives, and the integral nature of all paragraphs to a unit of work is addressed.

The Music Unit of Work

This will enable the teacher to sequence the activities as appropriate and to identify differentiated expectations. It provides the means to identify opportunities for assessment and to evaluate the learning as the unit progresses. Schools may wish to replace this with their own medium term planning document.

Curriculum Map

Will ensure that links between music and other areas of the curriculum are considered, that a balance of musical elements are studied, and that a balance of musical skills is developed from paragraph 1 and 2.