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Instrument Sets Loan Scheme for Hampshire Special Schools:


Special Schools in Hampshire can access these instruments by selecting the relevant Credit in the ‘Special Schools Annual Subscription’. Full details are sent to all schools selecting the ‘Access to Instruments’ option within the Annual Subscription.

No further costs will be levied by Hampshire Music Service for the loan of the instruments (apart from repair/replacement of equipment as a result of damage or misuse).

Equipment will be loaned for half a term at a time

Schools using the equipment must make their own arrangements for the collection of the equipment from the previous school

Schools using the equipment will be provided with contacts for specialist tutors who would be able to visit the schools to work with staff and / or pupils in the use of the equipment. The costs of any such visits would need to be borne by the schools

Equipment available: each set can provide access for up to 15 pupils

Set 1:

Tuned Percussion, including several bass instruments and tone chimes (suitable for exploring simple chords, arrangements, playing simple tunes)

Set 2:

African Percussion (suitable for exploring the music of Africa and other rhythm and story-telling work)

Set 3:

Samba (suitable for exploring Samba and other rhythm work)

Set 4:

Music Technology, including keyboard, microphones, sound processor, mixer, sampler and MIDI Creator system (all suitable for exploring the world of synthesised sound, sampling and sound processing – either separately or in combination)

Set 5:

Junk percussion (suitable for all types of rhythm work) including oil drums, water canisters, gas pipes, shopping trolley, etc - all reclaimed and cleaned ready for use (access for up to 30 pupils).