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The Place, The People Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world and one of the most ethnically diverse. Its culture is a dynamic mix of influences from indigenous Amerindian, European, African, and the United States. The landscape ranges from the tropical rainforest of the Amazon to the hi-tech urban environment of Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo.

The Music Samba is an expression of the dynamic culture of the people of Brazil - from its roots in Carnaval, the infectious rhythms and extrovert sounds of Samba have spread all over the world. It comprises highly syncopated interlocking rhythms over the steady throb of the surdo, with contrasting rhythmic sections, breaks, call and responses, together with students’ own composition and improvisation.

The Workshop Pupils learn as a Bateria band to play authentic Brazilian rhythms and instruments with correct technique in the dynamic Carnival style. Phonics and word-rhymes aid musical memory so multi-section pieces can be learned and performed easily, working at a level to suit the age and experience of the group. Pupils work with the whole range of Samba instruments, including surdo, repinique, timba, tambourim and all kinds of percussion, and will learn to master the characteristic rhythmic syncopations and grooves of Samba.


- a 1/2 day of Samba sessions with tutor: £180
- a full day of sessions with tutor: £295


- 6 x 1/2 days during a 1/2 term with tutor and drums which stay at the school: £695

Sessions may run from 35 to 55 minutes, depending on the age group, and fit with the schools timetable where possible. The time may be used in many ways; often schools want every class to have at least one contact so everyone has an opportunity to share the excitement. This has been very successful at KS1 with some classes having more if time allows. Alternatively, and especially at KS2, schools may have particular groups work intensively with contact every week or fortnight, allowing a more thorough programme in which students learn and perform very exciting and challenging material. We also encourage a performance towards the end of a project.

For bookings and information please contact Kathy Moore on 023 8065 2037 or e-mail