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HTLC Directories of Training

Primary Directory of Training - Spring and Summer 2018

Secondary Directory of Training - Spring and Summer 2018

Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College’s new Professional Learning Moodle is now live and has details of HTLC and HIAS courses

Below are a selection of courses for the spring and summer terms 2018 that can be booked now via the links to the Learning Zone:


ARTC0833 Art Support Group Workshop - Summer Term


ARRA2853 Primary Assessment Networks

ARRA2863 Hampshire Assessment Model Group - Theme 1 - Making Sure Every Lesson Counts

ARRA2864 Hampshire Assessment Model Group - Theme 2 - Using Prior Attainment to Inform Curriculum Planning

ARRA2865 Hampshire Assessment Model Group - Theme 3 - Ensuring Every Child gets it: Variation and Mastery

ARRA2866 Hampshire Assessment Model Group - Theme 4 - Accounting for Performance and What to do Next

Behaviour and Attendance

BEAT0045 Attendance Network Meetings for Primary School Support Staff who Lead on Attendance (Spring 2018)

BEAT0048 Attendance Network Meetings for Secondary School Support Staff who Lead on Attendance (Spring 2018)

Design and Technology

DANT0937 Design and Technology Spring Twilight Primary Network Cluster

Early Years Foundation Stage

EYFS1052 'The Sky's the Limit!' - Challenge in EYFS

Education for Children in Care

ECIC0042 Core Training for Designated Teachers for Looked after Children Incorporating the PEP Toolkit

ECIC0054 Attachment and Trauma Aware Education Settings

ECIC0057 Understanding the Emotional Needs of Vulnerable Children and Young People


ENGL1969 Teaching Phonics - Letters and Sounds

ENGL1983 Getting Creative With Non-Fiction: Choosing and Using Quality Texts to Achieve High Quality English Outcomes

ENGL1998 Communicating English: Getting to Grips with Grammar

ENGL2027 Addressing the Gender Gap in Primary English

ENGL2031 An English Planning Tool to Support Pupils with SEND

Hampshire and IoW Educational Psychology

HIEP0009 Therapeutic Storywriting: Emotional Literacy Through Story

Headteacher Leadership and Management

HTLM0174 Making Headway (West)

HTLM0183 "In Search of Exceptional Primary Leadership" Aspiring Headteachers: The Hampshire Primary Internship Programme

Higher Level Teacher Assistant Training

HLTA0050 Primary Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Network Group

HLTA0816 Briefing for School Leaders and Managers of Support Staff on Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Status


HIST1851 Progression and Assessment in Primary History KS1 and KS2


NEDH0007 North East Deputy Headteachers Conference: Current Issues (NE Hampshire Schools only)


MATH0221 Primary Mathematics - Bar Modelling in KS1

MATH0229 EYFS Mathematics: Budding Mathematicians - Developing Children's Understanding of Number and Calculation in Early Years

MATH0233 Primary Mathematics: Let's Talk Maths - Mathematics Vocabulary

MATH0256 A Mathematics Planning Tool (formerly referred to as 'Small Steps' curriculum) to support pupils with SEND

Personal Development Learning

PDLC0079 PDL Subject Leaders' Conference 2018


PHIL0016 Leading and Managing Philosophy for Children (P4C) in your School

Religious Education

RELI1878 Primary RE Conference 2018

RELI1879 Reviewing your SMSC Provision in Light of the Requirement to Promote Fundamental British Values

Rights Respecting Education

RIDI0001 Challenging Cultural Prejudice and Racist Incidents in our School Communities

RIDI0032 Moving Forward with RRE in Hampshire

RIDI2018 Hampshire: A Safe Place to Learn. A Safe Place to Grow


SCIE3867 Developing Writing and Recording in Science at KS2

SCIE3868 Developing Writing and Recording in Science at KS1

SCIE3873 Teaching Exciting Science for the EYFS

SCIE3874 Development Network for Non-Specialist Teachers of Science 2017

SCIE3879 Teaching evolution and natural selection in years 5 and 6

Special Educational Needs

SENC0078 Detection to Diagnosis (Identifying and Co-Ordinating Provision to Meet Individual Needs)

SENC0937 Beyond the Struggle: Meeting the Needs of Learners with Dyslexia

Support Staff Training Programme

SSTP0003 Supporting Behaviour for Learning for Teaching Assistants

SSTP0005 Performance Management Skills for School Support Staff Reviewers

Please note that the Working in Education section of the Learning Zone is always the best source for details of the latest courses available.