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Training for Isle of Wight Schools 2018/19

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New event on the mainland RIDI2018 Hampshire: A Safe Place to Learn. A Safe Place to Grow

This fantastic new resource for Hampshire Schools and FE colleges enables practitioners to support Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Students / staff / families and create an LGBT environment within their school community.

Courses - NEW BUNDLES FOR APRIL 2018 - MARCH 2019

Courses can be booked in bundles or on a Pay as you Go basis.

A copy of the booking form can be found here.

Further information on costs and dates can be found in the Training Directory here or on the Learning Zone where you can also book PAYG places. You can click on the course names below or visit and search using the course codes.

Bundle 1 - Leadership and Management

IOFW0111 LMB1 - Sustaining Strong Outcomes for Disadvantaged Pupils

IOFW0112 LMB2 - Strengthening Pupil Premium Leadership "Analysing Challenges; Overcoming Barriers"

IOFW0113 LMB3 - Ofsted Briefing for Headteachers and Governors - Summer or Autumn 2018

IOFW0114 LMB4 - Middle Leaders Toolkit: Ensuring your Impact

IOFW0115 LMB5 - ASP / IDSR Training for Primary Headteachers and Governors

Core Plus Training (Pay as You Go)

IOFW1037 LMCP6 - Isle of Wight Deputy Headteacher Networking Sessions

Bundle 2 - Assessment and Reporting

IOFW0211 ARB1 - Primary Assessment Networks

IOFW0212 ARB2 - Preparing for End of KS1 Assessment

IOFW0213 ARB3 - Preparing for End of KS2 Assessment

IOFW0214 ARB4 - Standardisation - Year 6 Writing and Maths

IOFW0215 ARB5 - Standardisation - Year 2 Writing and Maths

Core Plus Training (Pay as You Go)

IOFW1033 ARCP6 - Training for primary DHTs/AHTs on smart use of data

IOFW1034 ARCP7 - Data training for Primary Leaders of English/Maths and SENCOs

IOFW1032 ARCP8 - Effective Assessment, Effective Learning

Bundle 3 - Mathematics

IOFW0311 MAB1 - Primary Subject Leaders Core Provision

IOFW0312 MAB2 - Y6 Meeting and Exceeding

IOFW0313 MAB3 - Mastery of The Y1 Curriculum

IOFW0314 MAB4 - Enhancing Maths Subject Knowledge

Core Plus Training (Pay as You Go)

IOFW1042 MACP5 - Developing Number in Early Years

Bundle 4 - English

IOFW0411 ENB1 - IOW Primary English Core Provision 2018-19 : Subject Leader Network Group and Headteacher Briefings

IOFW0412 ENB2 - Teaching Backwards in English: Maximising Impact and Lessening Workload

IOFW0413 ENB3 - Improving Spelling: A Whole School Approach

IOFW0414 ENB4 - Enhancing Writing through Spoken Language – KS1

Core Plus Training (Pay as You Go)

IOFW1029 ENCP5 - English at Greater Depth: Making Links Across the Curriculum

IOFW1030 ENCP6 - Developing Early Readers

Offer 5: Strengthening Pedagogy

Core Plus Training (Pay as You Go)

IOFW0511 PEDB1 - Isle of Wight NQT Programme

IOFW0512 PEDB4 - Becoming a Highly Effective Teacher

IOFW0515 PEDB5 - Teachers Who Make a Difference

IOFW0514 PED6 - Newly Qualified Teacher Induction Tutor Training for Primary and Secondary (2018-19)

Bundle 6: Inclusion

IOFW0611 INCB1 - SEND Planning Tool for English and Mathematics

IOFW0612 INCB2 – Tackling Educational Disadvantage

IOFW0613 INCB3 - SEN Update Meetings

IOFW0615 INCB4 - Maximising the Impact of Support Staff

Core Plus Training (Pay as You Go)

IOFW1055 INCCP5 - Beyond the Struggle: Meeting the Needs of Learners with Dyslexia

IOFW1040 INCCP6 - Survival Skills for SENCos

IOFW1057 INCCP7 - Hints and Tips for Support Staff who will be Occasionally Covering Classes

Bundle 7: Curriculum

IOFW0711 CURRB1 - PDL Network Meetings

IOFW0712 CURRB2 - Developing an Inspiring, Challenging and Truly Broad and Balanced Curriculum

IOFW0713 CURRB3 - Primary Art & Design Curriculum Development Network

IOFW0714 CURRB4 - Primary Science Coordinators Networks

IOFW0715 CURRB5 - Planning for D&T KS1/2 Curriculum and Themes Workshop

IOFW0716 CURRB6 - Making Primary Geography Shine

IOFW0717 CURRB7 - Music - Supporting Non-Specialist Teachers to Teach Music in the Primary Classroom

IOFW0718 CURRB8 - Primary History Networks

IOFW0719 CURRB9 - Primary RE Networks

Core Plus Training (Pay as You Go)

IOFW1043 CURRCP10 - Back to Basics with Healthy Schools

IOFW1044 CURRCP11 - SMSC and British Values as Part of Personal Development Learning

IOFW1045 CURRCP12 - Annual Conference for Art and Design

IOFW1046 CURRCP13 - Being a Design and Technology Subject Co-ordinator in the Primary School

IOFW1047 CURRCP14 - Level 2 Food Hygiene

IOFW1050 CURRCP15 - Subject Booster Sessions for KS2 Primary History

IOFW1051 CURRCP16 - Prevent Training Day

IOFW1052 CURRCP19 - RE Subject Booster

Hampshire Courses

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