HTLC Learning and Development

Career progression

HTLC supports colleagues at each stage of their career. We work with individuals and teams to raise aspirations and levels of confidence and this, in turn, has a positive impact on performance. The range of opportunities and the personalisation of the support benefit colleagues who  want to move to the next level as well as staff who wish to continue in their current role and increase their effectiveness.

We recommend that all staff create and maintain their own professional development portfolio and sign up to the Talent Management System.

For a summary of programmes and leadership development activities for all career stages please download a copy of the HTLC leadership learning map.

Generic learning opportunities include:

  • inquiry visits to another school or educational setting
  • action research
  • peer mentoring
  • coaching
  • on site observation and feedback.

For experienced headteachers as well as the local opportunities advertised through the Hampshire communications, we would recommend visiting the National College website for information about National Leaders of Education (NLEs), Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) and Professional Parnters (PPs)

For teaching professionals there is more information about the national initiative Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) at the National College website.