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DofE Volunteer and Leader Training

Training Course Brochure  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 546kB - updated 4 October 2016

We aim for all regular volunteers to be a trained DofE Leader. You can then e.g. progress to become a DofE Expedition Trainer and/or Expedition Assessor! There are many other courses to support your delivery of the award, including those who work with participants with additional needs.

Expedition Backpacks

New Volunteers

All new volunteers are required to attend the following course:

* Introduction to DofE *

Pre-requisites -

  1. register with the HCC DofE Office as a DofE volunteer (inc. DBS checks)

  2. complete the online e-induction, please print completion letter and send in with your documents

In addition, volunteers are required to provide proof of Safeguarding Training. Evidence can be in the form of a letter from the head of the establishment or a copy of your Safeguarding certificate. If you are/wish to volunteer at multiple DofE Centres and/or at an Open DofE Centre, then you must complete the Hampshire County Council DofE Safeguarding training - found in the leaflet above.

All courses can be found on the Learning Zone.

Other Outdoor Courses

Can be found in the HCC online booking system