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The adventure starts here

To get started in DofE you need to be linked with a DofE Centre. This can be in the form of e.g. a school, college or youth centre. The DofE Leaders at the DofE Centre will be able to advise you which level is suitable for you and equip you for your DofE Journey.

Find your nearest DofE Centre in Hampshire

This includes all Operating Authorities within Hampshire, not just those under the Hampshire County Council Licence.

If you need assistance in finding a DofE Centre local to you, please contact your Dof E Advisor (see Contacts page)


What next?

Once enrolled as a DofE participant, you will receive an eDofE login and a Welcome Pack.

The current enrolment prices are:

Bronze - £27    Silver - £29    Gold - £40


eDofE is the online system in which you will need to log your DofE Experience and where your award will be approved.

eDofE Explained & Participant Guide

eDofE login site

Welcome Pack

Welcome Packs

Your Welcome Pack contains the following:


In order to complete your DofE award, you will need to complete each section for at least an hour a week for the minimum required months (according to your award level).

You need to fill in your chosen activity, your aims & objectives and have this approved in your eDofE account online before you begin each section.

DofE Timescales

The sections are as follows (please select in order to investigate valid activities and info for each section):

DofE Climbing activity

Completing your award

Once you have filled in your eDofE award online and uploaded evidence into each section and the expedition plans, then you will need to submit each section and then the full award to your DofE Leader for approval.

Once they are happy with your submission, your DofE Leader will forward to the DofE County Office for final approval and you will be awarded your Bronze, Silver or Gold.

(Gold Awards involve an additional step in approval via the DofE South-East regional office).

You will now be able to create your Achievement Pack!

Bronze and Silver award holders have the opportunity to be awarded your Certificate at one of the County's presentations. Gold Award Holders often get a invite to one of the County presentations, but are also invited to one of the National presentations.

LDC District Presentation - Dates and Deadlines Microsoft Word 150kB: the deadlines are the last date a completed award can be submitted to the HCC DofE office in order to be considered for their local/county presentation that year.


Useful Links

Hampshire DofE Youth Forum

A Committee formed of DofE participants to ensure that Hampshire listens to the young people.

Come and join them in being the voice of DofE!

DofE Advisors

Lisa Niezgoda - 07718 974625

East Hants & Havant
Stuart Cousens - 07714 768182

Hart & Rushmoor and Andover
Isaac Walker - 07718 974688

Eastleigh & Winchester
Teresa Monks - 07718 974689

Fareham & Gosport
Stuart Cousens - 07714 768182

New Forest & Test Valley
Fiona Smith - 07718 974692

Expedition Kit hire

Kit Store Info & contact details Microsoft Word 664kB

The kit is hirable by Hampshire DofE Leaders for their groups and participants use.

Prices updated as of 11 May 2016 – please note that this does not affect bookings already made.