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EVOLVE Calling    

Each year, at this time, I write something for our newsletter about how busy everyone is with their off site visits, and how the numbers on EVOLVE have grown yet again. This year is no exception. Since March there has been a 12% increase over 2014 in the numbers of visits submitted via EVOLVE. I’d like to think this is all down to schools actually undertaking more visits than normal, (partly true  - a number of EVCs are telling us that more visits are being organised) but some of the increase is down to recent introduction of an automatic, electronic, 14 day ‘reminder’ into EVOLVE. This prompts staff to complete a form they have started or that has not been approved at Educational Visits Co ordinator (EVC) or Head level, at only 14 days before the visit is due to go ahead. So, many colleagues, having been reminded, complete and submit forms which, if I’m honest, would have languished in the system until well after the visit had actually taken place.

The reason we have done this is simple.  Without Employer approval, there is a real risk that the County travel insurance would not be honoured by the insurance company, obviously putting some schools at risk. In addition, by submitting the form well before a visit, there is a far greater chance that we’ll be able to spot any significant issue with the visit arrangements or some other concern that could potentially cause problems for the school. But we can only help support you fully if a) we know the visit is happening and b) we have time to carry out due diligence checks. Do help us to do that by submitting your forms as early as possible – but expect the 14 Day ‘electronic knock’ if you don’t!

-Stuart Nundy, Head of Service, Outdoor Education, Physical Education and DofE


Bay House School visit the trenches in Belgium

Bay House School in Gosport has become the first school in Hampshire to achieve the Bronze National Learning Outside the Classroom Mark.

Bay House Educational Visits Co ordinator (EVC) Richard Thomas said, “being awarded the LOtC Mark is a real coup for all the staff and Governors here as it shows that we are really making strides in providing our pupils with potentially life-changing opportunities. We're thrilled to get official recognition for our efforts and we look forward to building on this award to integrate LOtC into the everyday life of the school, in addition to our international visits including Malawi and China.”

“Being the school’s EVC is a fascinating part of my role, I found my initial EVC training from the Hampshire OE team in 2012 to be really beneficial when applying for the LOtC Mark, as was engaging in related professional learning such as the Hampshire Outdoor Education briefing. I would encourage other Schools to apply for the LOtC Mark and would welcome anyone who is interested in the award to visit Bay House and learn more.’’

Bay House School collect data on the coast

Awarded by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, the LOtC Mark (Bronze) accredits those schools that have a strong awareness of the benefits of providing frequent, continuous and progressive LOtC experiences to all pupils and have begun to integrate LOtC into the life of the school.

The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom also provides free online guidance and information for teachers on how to plan and organise high quality LOtC activities. LOtC Mark is intended not only to recognise existing exemplary provision, but also to assist and support schools in developing their LOtC offer to enable all children to have access to meaningful LOtC experiences. LOtC Mark is the first national accreditation for schools which recognises, and supports, the development of learning outside the classroom across all subject areas.

Elaine Skates, Chief Executive of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom said, “Learning outside the classroom provides the most memorable experiences in a child’s school life.  LOtC Mark (Bronze) demonstrates that the school is committed to developing and delivering genuinely valuable learning outside the classroom experiences for their children and young people."

"Learning outside the classroom has many proven educational benefits. The LOtC Mark (Bronze) award will support schools in integrating LOtC into the life of the school, thereby ensuring that many more young people have memorable, exciting and valuable learning outside the classroom experiences. We congratulate Bay House on being awarded LOtC Mark (Bronze).”