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Gifted and Talented

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This page offers guidance on how schools might improve the quality of Gifted and Talent practices to meet the needs of their pupils in PE. Every school has Gifted and Talented pupils, and these pupils, once identified, require high quality teaching and support to help them fully realise their talents.

What is Gifted and Talented education in PE?

Gifted and Talent education in PE is the process of identifying, selecting, providing for and supporting the most able pupils. As an integral part of PE, Gifted and Talent education should reflect the aims, content and outcomes of the school’s overall PE programme. High quality Gifted and Talent education draws on, and extends, the knowledge and skills that underpin effective PE teaching. So, Gifted and Talented education should prove an exciting challenge for teachers, and have a positive impact on the learning of all pupils, not just those currently identified as talented.

Applications may be made for financial assistance from Hampshire County Council for talented young people who are competing in competitions at above district level.