Outdoor Education

PE & Sport Strategy

This strategy provides a framework for the consistent delivery of excellent PE and school sport in Hampshire and supports improvements in the delivery of teaching and learning that will promote participation, progress and performance. It supports national objectives which aim to ensure that all young people aged 0-19 years have the opportunity and access to a high quality PE and school sport programme. The strategy recognises the importance of the 2012 Olympics as a driver for participation and competition, volunteering, officiating and the development of excellence, thus fulfilling the 2012 legacy.

The strategy is a working document that aims to support colleagues in their day to day advocacy of physical education and the important part it has to play in the development of young people into the citizens of tomorrow. Finally, it assists individual schools and School Sports Partnerships (SSPs) in their own development and sustainability planning for the future.

The needs of young people are at the centre of the strategy and the delivery of excellent PE is paramount to achieving the strategic aims.