Outdoor Education

Teaching PE and Sport in Primary Schools

Staff directly employed in schools

Teachers with qualified teacher status (QTS) and other staff employed within schools (ie on the school payroll) are able to teach PE and sport activities where they have had specialist training as part of their Initial Teacher Training or through further INSET.

Apart from technical training, we strongly recommend key staff involved in curriculum development should also have undertaken a Certificate in Primary School Physical Education Specialism (PESS) Level 5 or 6 course. This course is also recommended for staff wishing to develop their professional knowledge related to PE and sports teaching within Primary schools.

PESS courses can be booked via The Learning Zone.

Matrix of qualifications / experience for primary school staff

This matrix supersedes current information in the 2016 HCC 'Safety in PE and School Sport' guidance which will be updated over summer 2017.

Staff with QTS status


Minimum Qualification

Key Stage One / Two - PE (all aspects except Gymnastics)


Key Stage One / Two - Gymnastics

QTS which included gymnastic training or British Gymnastics Primary Intermediate Teachers Award

Key Stage One / Two - Curriculum Lead for PE

QTS, (plus PESS Level 6 recommended)

Staff without QTS Status (eg LSA, sports coach on the payroll)


Minimum Qualification

Key Stage One - PE / basic movement

Lower Key Stage Two - PE / basic skills (Year 3/4)

Multi Skills Level 2

Upper Key Stage Two (Year 5/6)

Discreet sports (eg, FA 5-11 Football, Netball, Quick Sticks Hockey, Kwick Cricket, Basketball, Tag Rugby)

Level 1 Coach Award from the National Governing Body of the specific sport

Key Stage One / Two - Curriculum Lead for PE

PESS Level 5 (Hampshire combined course to include multi skills, BG gym and L3 dance)

Note: for swimming, consult the HCC Safety in Physical Education and Sport document in EVOLVE.

Third party providers /coaches of PE and sport activities

A database of providers of Physical Education and sport coaching has been created based on information provided by organisations working in Primary schools.

A link to the database is available on the EVOLVE system, under the Resources tab. If you do not have access to the EVOLVE system please contact karen.andrews@hants.gov.uk

The providers on the database meet the minimum safety management and safeguarding requirements of Hampshire County Council. It should be noted that it is for the establishment employing these coaches to determine whether or not they meet individual requirements.

Primary Schools should:

  • ensure contractual arrangements are in place which are compliant with HCC PE and Sport requirements (as below)
  • confirm the coaches qualifications are registered with / accredited by a recognised national governing body of sport (see matrix below)

  • confirm that coaches have a minimum of £10 million public liability insurance

  • confirm that a current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is in place

  • ensure a risk assessment for the activity is in place

  • ensure an induction process is in place for the coach

  • select a named qualified person who will retain responsibility for the pastoral care of the young people involved in the activity

  • ensure that a monitoring and evaluation system is in place*.

*Where more specialist monitoring is appropriate, a request can be made to the Outdoor Education and PE Service for an external advisor monitoring session to be scheduled

If you are using a company that is NOT listed on the database, the company should email karen.andrews@hants.gov.uk . If they meet minimum requirements, that company will then be included on the database.

When engaging or forming any contract with providers or coaches, establishments need to be aware of and adhere to the safety advice and guidance as set out in Hampshire’s Safety in Physical Education and Sport document.  Particular regard should be made to the qualifications required for PE and sport coaches who are not direct employees of the school.

If any clarification is needed contact:

The PE team

email: peandsport@hants.gov.uk

phone: 01962 876218

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Qualification matrix for PE / sports coaches who are not school employees:


Minimum qualifications to lead

Alternatives to lead

Alternatives to support (with Teacher or Level 2 Coach also present)

Key Stage One - PE / basic movement

Lower Key Stage - Two PE / basic skills

PESS Level 3 + Multi-Skills Level 2

Key Stage Two – Discreet sports (eg, FA  5-11 Football,  Netball, Quick Sticks Hockey, Kwick Cricket, Basketball, Tag Rugby)

PESS Level 3 + Multi-Skills Level 2, plus a minimum Level 1 Coach Award from the National governing body of the specific sport. A RFU Tag Rugby course is sufficient for Rugby in Primary schools.

Level 2 Coach Award from the national governing body of the specfic sport.

Level 1 Coach Award from the national governing body of the specfic sport.


Level 3 Award in Supporting the Delivery of Dance in PESS

British Gymnastics Level 2 Coach Award

British Gymnastics Level 1 Coach Award

Coaches may, with the right experience, support the development of schemes of work and programmes of study but will require a PESS L5.

Sports Degrees

Sports degrees are numerous and varied. They are, of course of value but their syllabi do not include teacher training, hence the need for sport graduates to continue their training via PGCE or SCIT courses in order to obtain QTS. It is for this reason that the County cannot recognise stand alone sport degrees and graduates are advised to obtain a PESS Level 3 and Multi Skills L2, together with national governing body awards in any specific activities that they wish to teach.