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The Award Project - Summer 2011 expedition video

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Each young person introduces themselves and gives an interesting fact:

Roles and jobs for each young person

Ash is the Country code man, he needs to make sure that litter is all picked up from the ground and that everything is left as it was found.

Dion is the Safety Officer, he has to make sure people get across the roads safely.

Hollie is the Morale Officer and Timekeeper, she has a watch and everything!

Sammy is the Chief Navigator, he helps everyone in the group know where they are going and that they get to places confidently.

Anna is the aim person, she is charge of the filming.


Day Walks - We did day walks, which meant walking so many miles in so much time without complaining!

Country Code – You have got to learn the country code and what to do when you come to a road, what to do if someone gets hurt and what is the international distress code. And how to pack your bags.

Tent Skills/Communication & Safety – Sticking the tents up, helping each other to make sure it is all up properly

Emergency Procedures/First Aid – We were told what to do if someone gets hurt, what to do if someone is dying of heat exhaustion, we know what to do basically!

Map Reading/Grid References & Symbols  - We had to learn how to read a map properly, otherwise we would get lost. There is a key at the bottom to follow. There are paths and things. This symbol is for parking and this one is for footpaths. We had to learn these otherwise we would get lost!

Putting the training to the test

Using a throw line – Just pretend that there is someone drowning. (The line is thrown) Then they hold onto that end and you pull them in whilst they are holding on.

Crossing Roads Safely – This is a road crossing. 1, 2, 3, we can cross now. Nice and safe across the road.

Always keep your equipment safe – Ash’s bag got peed on!

Working through personal challenges

Each young person is asked how they are feeling, and how they feel about the hill that they have to walk up:

Sammy – Not bad, my shoulders are aching. The hill doesn’t even look massive, but it is huge!!!

Dion – Achy! And not good about facing the hill.

Ash – Exhausted/tired and hungry. Not feeling very good about the hill!

Hollie – I think I’m going to die! Look my shoulder is red. It really hurts! Not feeling good at all about the hill. I think I might crawl up it!

Anna – I think I’m going to die! Very achy, very tired. Look at my bags (points to her eyes) Not looking forward to walking up that what looks small hill!

We just climbed up the hill. We stopped for 20 minutes dreading the hill and it wasn’t that bad! Nowhere near as bad as the one we have walked up before and stopped at the top, because I thought we were going to die!

Day 1 Done and Dusted!

How was your night, Hollie? It was alright once we ate and that. When we got into the tent it was like mega hot, I thought it would be mega cold and it wasn’t! I got woke up by the rain at 1 o’clock in the morning. Thought it was like 4!

Ash – Last night was alright, cold and then warm. Fun playing black jack until midnight! Then the rain wouldn’t let me sleep!

Anna – very tired! It rained and it was very loud. I couldn’t get to sleep. Woke up and it was still raining. Had to cook our breakfast in the rain. It was very wet!

Dangerous river crossings

This is the river, be careful of that log!

Dangerous canyon hopping

Dion’s stuck!

Yet another massive incline

Hollie - This is a hill, that again doesn’t look like a beastly hill, but it really is! At least you can tell it is a hill, I am not looking forward to it!

Sammy – Don’t walk up a hill! If you pick a route, pick one without a hill, that’s my advice!!

Dion – How do you feel about the hill – rubbish!

Hollie – How do you feel about the hill? The hill has killed me, I’m actually dead, but you are weird and can see ghosts!

Anna – How did you feel about the hill? I think I may have actually just died. Feel like I’m gonna pass out! That wasn’t fun at all!

Ash – I just also walked up a hill – it was terrible! My legs ache. Never walk up a hill ever!

It’s the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and we are going to do a 2 minute silence to pay our respects.


We’ve  got a snake on the loose! Oh my god, we just saw a snake!

The horse is probably scared of us. He came over to us, but this is his forest!

Mounting a rescue mission

Hollie – Basically, there were loads of wild horses and some horse riders. The wild horses scared the rider’s horses, and all we saw was two women getting chucked off their horses. We ran up to the people that fell off, one of them got up. We are now trying to find their horses, they ran off with the wild horses.

Safety Officer in action

Dion – You get that stick there!

Hollie – What are you doing?

Dion – Seeing how deep it goes, It is not very deep at all!

Morale officer to the rescue!

Hollie – We should do a bear hunt! We are going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one!

Anna – Hollie is attempting a push up!

The end is so close I could die!

See this car park, that is like where we are ending our route. Happy Days!! It now looks really far away, because I’ve zoomed out but it’s not!

Ash - I’m happy, because I’ve passed and I can go home. Relax and not worry about anymore walking!

Sammy – I’ve passed. I am happy. After 3 years I have finally finished my award!

Hollie – Obviously I am haps, tired but haps!!

Dion – I’m happy because I passed!

Anna – Buzzing! I’m like ridiculously happy because I can go home and have a bath!

Sammy – Andy’s happy because he passed!!!

- End of video transcript -