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The Lennox Centre

What is The Lennox Centre?

The Lennox Centre is a team of trained and experienced professionals who work in partnership with children, their families, schools and other agencies to prevent exclusion of primary age children from school.

Reasons for Referring to The Lennox Centre

The Lennox Centre accepts referrals from mainstream schools of children with emotional/behavioural difficulties who are considered to be at risk of exclusion and have had other agency intervention e.g. Behaviour Support Team, Educational Psychologist or Health.

Following acceptance of the referral, members of The Lennox Centre team gather information to help determine the most  appropriate type of work to be carried out and by whom.

Following this and in consultation with all involved (including the child themselves), the main targets to  support the child’s progress are defined.

  • A Boxall Profile and SDQ will be completed and from these a Pastoral Support Plan (IBMP) will be set up which will outline:
  • The broad targets for the length of time that the child is on the project.
  • What will be done by whom to achieve these.
  • How and when these targets are to be reviewed.

The actual work carried out varies from child to child according to circumstances. For all children on the project, a member of The Lennox Centre team will consult regularly with the parent/carer, school staff and any other professional involved to devise appropriate targets and strategies to address the concerns raised. Formal reviews will take place half termly.


The Basic Intervention

The children spend 2 days a week within the unit and 3 days in their mainstream school. Whilst in the unit they will work in small groups or individually with adult support on an individual learning and behaviour programme.

The Referral Process Consists of:

  • Referral forms completed by school
  • An initial baseline data assessment completed by school
  • Home and school visits undertaken by staff and discussion at centres multi-agency review meeting

The Involvement of Parents/Carers

The Lennox Centre team strongly believes that the aims of the project will not be achieved unless parents/carers are involved from the outset. A home support plan will be put in place and the Behaviour Support Worker will visit the parents/carers on a weekly basis to help the family work towards agreed strategies and targets. The parents/carers are supported in taking an active part in decision making at all stages.

As well as being invited to regular reviews of progress, parents/ carers are given copies of all reports and will be contacted  regularly in person. In addition, parents/carers are also encouraged to keep in contact with the project at all times and make visits to The Lennox Centre classroom whenever possible.

Recently a parent support group has been set up by one of our parents and regular coffee mornings are held.

Criteria to be considered for a placement in the centre consists of:

  • Evidence of IBMP/IEP/IPA
  • Evidence or Risk Assessment
  • Evidence of Strategies tried by school
  • Exclusions data
  • EP consulted and/or involved
  • Other agencies consulted and/or involved
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