School energy matters

School energy top tips posters

To help you raise awareness of your energy reduction campaign to staff, students and visitors, we have produced posters a flash file film that you can use on your noticeboards, plasma screens, and website and intranet.

The posters and flash file feature 5 top tips to remind people about what they can do to save energy and reduce your school's carbon footprint.

Flash file film

This top 5 energy saving tips flash file film features ideas of how you can reduce your energy use. Link to it from your website and intranets and show it on your plasma screens.


These posters can be printed out and placed on your noticeboards, or you can link to them on your website and intranet.

Top Tip # 1: Switch it off

Top Tip # 2: Do your bit

Top Tio # 3: Munch 'n recycle

Top Tip # 4: Avoid travel

Top Tip # 5: Agree the degrees

If you would like higher resolution files of the posters so that you can print them professionally, or the flash file sent to you separately, please email