School energy matters

Energy Saving Champions

We recommend that your school allocates the role of Energy Saving Champion to a member of your staff. This team member would support the development of a carbon reduction culture within your school, so that energy saving is integral part of everyone’s working practices.

The champion will be an advocate for energy saving, encouraging others at every opportunity to be similarly motivated in reducing their carbon footprint in everyday activities.

They will be a member of a network of Energy Saving Champions, promoting energy saving initiatives at your school, and providing feedback on your school’s views and energy saving ideas, while highlighting barriers that may prevent energy saving that we need to overcome.

The Energy Saving Champion role

The role of Energy Saving Champion is vital to the success of reducing our carbon footprint. 60% of the County Council’s carbon emissions are produced by schools. We can make a big difference by changing everyone's behaviour to using energy.

The role would involve:

  • establishing which parts of your school will monitored by the Energy Saving Champion, and identifying the staff that work in these areas so you know who to talk to

  • identifying key electrical equipment and appliances within your school so you can find out if they consume a lot of energy - this action plan will help you

  • consulting with your colleagues to let them know about the County Council’s carbon reduction commitment to encourage them to change the way they use energy, and find out if anything prevents them from saving energy – this questionnaire will help you (attach)

  • creating a list of energy saving measures for your school and those which can be implemented quickly and easily.  You might want to consider if these are within your colleagues control to implement or if you need the agreement of others, if you need ‘invest to save’ funding or other additional resources that would help further energy saving

  • producing an action plan for implementing energy saving within your school, looking at your school culture and how you can get people to change their behaviour to using energy - review progress regularly

  • monitoring energy consumption to identify trends, peaks, anomalies and the success rate of energy saving initiatives.  This can be done by accessing your smart meter data using the Energy 360 tool

  • providing feedback regularly and promoting achievements to let your school know that their energy saving efforts are working. Lessons learnt can be passed to other Energy Saving Champions.

Establishing the Energy Saving Champion role

It is your school's responsibility to identify a suitable member of your staff who is willing and able to undertake the role of Energy Saving Champion. The role is key to developing a clear energy goal and to help your school to become more energy efficient.

Once you have allocated the role, please email their name and contact details to so that the County Council's Energy Team can include them on the network of Energy Saving Champions.

Online resource

There is a range of information on the School Energy Matters website that you can use to help support the Energy Saving Champion role, including case studies, energy saving hints and tips, energy facts and figures and energy myths dispelled.

Information about training that will be available to Energy Saving Champions and the County's Champion network will be published shortly.

More information

If you would like more information about the Energy Saving Champions, please email