School energy matters

Boiler controls

Boiler controls will be installed to all schools during 2011 in advance of the next heating season to help schools with their energy reduction programmes and to reduce their exposure to the new carbon tax.

Invest to save

Costs for the whole school estate are currently being developed to give an understanding of the order of costs. All schools will have at least one boiler to which the technology can be applied and whilst the vast majority of schools will see a return on investment, some boilers will be more suitable for the application of the type of technology than others.

Property Services has developed a ranked schedule identifying which boilers would give the greatest energy savings and the shortest payback periods. The proposal is to set up a procurement arrangement funded by a one off surplus in schools budget shares to purchase and have installed boiler control equipment using a ‘call-off’ arrangement set up and managed by Property Services.

Property Services would provide the school with a simple payback analysis for their boiler plant to enable the school to determine which of their boilers would be most appropriate for the technology.

Investing in new technologies

There is a recognised need to invest in alternative and renewable technologies to help achieve energy savings, reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the recently introduced carbon tax which will affect all schools.

Early in 2009 Property Services trialled an advance boiler control technology on a number of sites in the corporate estate. The results of the tests showed savings in energy in the order of 10 - 12% could be made by installing the controller to the 250+ boilers in the corporate estate. Over the summer of 2010 advanced boiler controls were installed to all suitable boilers in time for the new heating season.

More information

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