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We have a whole site strategy...what do we do next?

Design and implementation; creative site management; and using the grounds.

When you have consulted your school and its users, discussed your proposals with your local authority advisers, and planned how you will progress your work in the context of the whole of your grounds, you will be ready to take the next step.

Even if you are only thinking about making changes to part of your site it is always worthwhile considering the grounds as a whole. Carrying out a thorough review of the site and its use, consulting all interested parties and planning improvements in context will all help to create a more sustainable, long term solution.

Through the process of developing a landscape strategy for the whole of your site you will probably highlight certain areas for improvement:

Within this section you'll find details of how to go about making changes to your grounds, how to sustain the improvements through effective site management and most importantly how to use the areas with the children

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