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Education Financial Services


North Team (managed by Ann Sambrook)

based in Room 137, Abbey House, Abbey Close, Abingdon, OX14 3JE

Name Position Telephone E-mail
Ann Sambrook Principal Accountant 01252 796248
Caroline Amor Senior Finance Adviser 01252 796261
Sue Douglas Senior Finance Adviser 01252 796262
Andrew Flowers Senior Finance Adviser 01252 796268
Jane Mason Finance Adviser 01252 814713
Michael Naylor Finance Adviser 01252 814718
Bruce Rennie Finance Adviser 01252 814714
Matthew Wright Finance Adviser 01252 814716

HQ Team (managed by Andrew Minall)

based at Corporate Resources Finance, Room 220, 2nd Floor, Elizabeth II Court South, The Castle, Winchester, SO23 8UB

Name Position Telephone E-mail
Andrew Minall Head of EFS 01962 846408
Justin Jackman Principal Accountant 01962 876330
Alison Taylor Senior Learning Development Officer 01962 847399
Liz James Learning Development Officer 01425 625719
Dawn Cook Business & Customer Relations Manager 01962 846680
Alessandra Gallagher Senior Administrative Officer 01962 847551
Mayra Borges Administrative Officer 01962 846394
Gillian Burton Finance Assistant 01962 847549

East Team (managed by Chris Tombs)

based at Public Service Plaza, Civic Centre Road, Havant, PO9 2AX

Name Position Telephone E-mail
Sonia Wells Senior Finance Adviser 023 9244 1492
Justeen White Senior Finance Adviser 023 9244 1487
Tina Blank Finance Adviser 01256 405975
Carol Dolling Finance Adviser 023 9244 1495
Richard Jones Finance Adviser 023 9244 1488
Carol Wilson Finance Adviser 01252 814734

East Team (managed by Chris Tombs)

based at Dame Mary Fagan House, Chineham Court, Lutyens Close, Basingstoke, RG24 8AG

Name Position Telephone E-mail
Chris Tombs Principal Accountant 023 9244 1494
Jenni Davies Senior Finance Adviser 01256 405977
Rachel Marchant Finance Adviser 01252 814733
Angela McDonald Finance Adviser 01256 814280

West Team (managed by Rebecca Baker)

based at Winchester Local Office, Falcon House Professional Centre, Monarch Way, Off Romsey Road, Winchester, SO22 5PL

Name Post Telephone E-mail
Rebecca Baker Principal Accountant 01962 845309
Kathryn Brockless Senior Finance Adviser 01962 876325
Debbie Brown Senior Finance Adviser 01962 876322
Gail Chappell Senior Finance Adviser 01962 876257
Janine Baugh Finance Adviser 01962 876320
Michelle Bullock Finance Adviser 01962 876329
Katie Clayton Finance Adviser 01252 814735
Amanda Fahy Finance Adviser 01962 876258
Nadia Freemantle Finance Adviser 01962 876313
Sarah Loader Finance Adviser 01962 833027
Gill Nightingale Finance Adviser 01962 876321
Caroline Cable Finance Adviser (Locum) 01962 846262
Rebecca Johnston Finance Adviser (Locum) 01962 847209

West Team (managed by Rebecca Baker)

based at Dame Mary Fagan House, Chineham Court, Lutyens Close, Basingstoke, RG24 8AG

Name Post Telephone E-mail
Maxine Geliot Senior Finance Adviser 01252 814780
Tracey Lay Senior Finance Adviser 01252 814759
Sylvia Parry Finance Adviser 01256 362030


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Your views are welcome on any aspect of the services provided and what you tell us will be taken into account when developing the services we offer.

EFS aims to provide an efficient and effective service and would like to know of any issues of concern so that we can try and resolve them as quickly as possible. We will acknowledge communications within five working days giving an indication of when you should expect to receive a full response.

Ways to contact EFS

  • use the online feedback form

  • talk to staff in person or via the telephone

  • send a letter or email