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Site Support

Site staff play an important role in ensuring that the environment is clean, safe and tidy for children to learn and staff to work.


Cleaners are responsible for cleaning the school premises and maintaining a safe and healthy environment and they may work either individually or as part of a team, depending upon the size of the school.

Cleaners need to have good communication skills and high standards of hygiene. No formal qualifications are required and no previous experience is usually required.

Caretakers/Site Managers

Caretakers or Site Managers are responsible for the maintenance of school buildings in accordance with the schools health and safety policy. Most caretakers and site managers also oversee the work of other site staff, such as cleaners.

Caretakers need to be flexible in their approach to planning, well organised and reasonably fit. Exact qualification and experience requirements will vary from school to school, dependent upon the size of the school and whether there are additional services provided from the school site (eg community use of the school).

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