Activity Strands

  • Discovering the environment - by taking part in activities that promote understanding of the environment and the issues involved, with an enquiry-based approach to develop thinking skills, connecting outdoor learning to the curriculum.
  • Exploring the environment - by taking part in fun and challenging and adventurous activities, where the challenge is to solve a problem, achieve a task or complete a journey, using new skills.
  • Caring for the environment - by taking part in awareness-raising projects that aim at maintaining, improving or caring for a location or environment.

Each Trailblazer Award will involve activities relating to each of these strands.

Caring sticker

Key Themes

Three key themes run through Trailblazer activities. These themes are of fundamental importance to the value of the scheme for young people and have clear links with the National Curriculum and the development of key skills. They provide the key to young people's development through outdoor and environmental education.

  • Learning To Learn - through focussing on successful outdoor activities and learning strategies
  • Learning About Yourself - through focussing on personal and social development and key skills
  • Aiming High - achieving a 'personal best' through increasing confidence and success.