What is Trailblazer?

  • An outdoor learning scheme enabling you to incorporate learning outside the classroom across the curriculum in an exciting way.

  • An easily-accessible bank of ideas/resources to make being outdoors a stimulating learning experience.

  • On-going support and advice with the opportunity to share experiences, gain accreditation and attend further training.

What does it involve?

  • Trailblazer can fit into your school in a variety of ways. You may get the whole school involved, a year group, a class or even a small group.

  • You choose the activities that best fit your planning and interests. As long as they are outdoors they count!

  • You can work towards various levels of achievement ranging from Green (40 hours) to Platinum (150 hours). We also have a level just for the Foundation stage.

  • You can record your work in any way you like from a simple form to a wall display!

Picture of green trailblazer certificate

  • Each child will receive a certificate from Hampshire County Council which acknowledges their efforts and achievements.

  • Your school or group can also apply for a certificate to indicate your active involvement in the scheme on an annual basis.

  • We also supply fun and colourful stickers to use whenever appropriate.

Caring sticker

  • As a Trailblazer you can borrow one of our brilliant resource kits. These contain a range of exciting apparatus to enhance Outdoor Learning from beanbags to parachutes. There are also kits for the Foundation stage.

  • Our web-based ‘Ideas Pages’ contain accessible activities that are curriculum based and enjoyable.

  • Our well-stocked library contains a wealth of resources that Trailblazer members can borrow for free.

  • We offer expert planning advice; helping you to incorporate Outdoor Learning into school life as easily as possible.

  • We work closely with Outdoor Centres enabling you to access appropriate training.

  • As a Trailblazer you will have access to regular News bulletins containing new ideas and giving you a chance to share your successes with others.

  • Trailblazer members can attend our regular Cluster Group Meetings; an opportunity to meet fellow Trailblazers and discuss ideas. Members can also find out about new initiatives and receive specific Curriculum training.