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What is eLearn eTeach?

We offer continuing professional development for schools, for business and for the public. Although many of our services are focused towards staff in Hampshire schools, we offer training sessions and workshops on technology for everyone: for example, courses on Apple software and hardware, Adobe Creative Suite, and web technologies.

Courses and events take place in Winchester, Fareham, Havant and Farnborough.

Here’s some of what’s under the eLearn eTeach umbrella:

  • professional development from Hampshire IT and HIAS
  • hire of flightcases full of technology for the classroom
  • the eLearn eTeach recording studio
  • exploration of the curriculum and methods of teaching
  • supplier workshops and demonstrations
  • better mechanisms for communication and collaboration.

eLearn eTeach can help the education sector help students by

  • keeping up-to-date with curriculum and technological developments
  • understanding how technology can be used as an effective tool for learning
  • investigating how current and developing technologies used outside the classroom can operate within a formal learning environment
  • gaining transferable skills that can be used to support learning now and in the future networking with other professionals and sharing good practice.

eLearn eTeach offers you flexible professional development with access to the latest interactive teaching technology. In addition, teachers and students have the opportunity to learn together through personally designed programmes at The eLearn eTeach Centre itself, delivered in their own institution, or (of course) online.