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About eLearn eTeach

The eLearn eTeach Team offers continuing professional development for teachers and other school staff using ICT in the classroom and the office as well as support for those who are delivering the computing curriculum.

We help schools to:

  • learn how to make the best use of SIMS data
  • keep up to date with curriculum developments
  • try new technology

The team is led by County Computing Inspector/Advisor Sue Savory. Together with Computing Inspector/Advisor Phil Bagge, Sue also delivers a range of computing curriculum courses.

Three experienced and friendly professional trainers deliver our information management courses (SIMS, Tucasi, Nova and Exams), as well as Microsoft Office and other digital literacy courses. The trainers are: Tina Rose Collins, Tracey Crawford and Sheila Milford.

The team is supported by Administrator Wendy Parker, who will be happy to answer any queries or questions you may have about the eLearn eTeach services: email

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