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  • Bee Bot 2

    Bee-Bot floor robot

    The Bee-Bot is an easy to use rechargeable floor robot. The simple keypad has seven buttons - four directional buttons with arrows, a Go button, a Clear button, and a Pause button.

    The Bee-Bot can be used to support knowledge and use of number, directional language, problem solving, and sequencing, as well as an introduction to programming.

    The Bee-Bot can be used in many curriculum contexts for example in a local study, Bee-Bot could be used to explore a floor map of the local area and children asked to say what they thought the Bee-Bot would be able to see if it was actually in that location. The floor map could be used to plan routes, for example the walk to school or to the park and the Bee-Bot programmed to take that route.

    Bee-Bots (rechargeable) inc docking station

    As above but a set with docking station which enables the set of Bee-Bots to be charged simultaneously.


  • Big Point


    Big-Point is a set of six recordable boxes with removable clear tops so that you can add pictures, letters, words, or numbers. Each box can record and playback 30 seconds of sound.

    Big-Point can be used to support and enhance numeracy, and literacy, as well as other curriculum areas. Literacy activities could include sequencing words to make a sentence, sequencing parts of a story, sequencing instructions, matching letters to sounds, and recording sound effects for a story.


  • Data Logging LogIT

    Data log-box

    Datalogging equipment based on schools feedback. All the sensors are in-built (temperature, light and sound) and clearly labelled to avoid confusion - just log in and go! Specifically designed for smaller hands to hold easily. Robust design that can withstand outdoor fieldwork. A neck strap to free up hands when working outside. Recordings are easy to view and read with our software. Choose how data is displayed in graph, bar chart, chart or table formats. Includes a plug-in temperature probe, but is also compatible with other external sensors available Information can be downloaded via USB.


  • Digital Thermometer

    Digital thermometer

    This digital thermometer is a simple and effective way to introduce datalogging into KS1 and ideal for using in specific temperature experiments in KS2. Children can dip the probe into liquids, wrap inside different materials or use to test the varying temperatures in different areas. The reading is displayed on the LCD screen and with the simple press of a button it begins recording data.·The data is saved directly into the device itself which then plug straight into your computer via the attached USB.·Data can be viewed as an excel spreadsheet and then imported into other applications.


  • Easi cars


    A set of four rechargeable remote control cars with simple controllers colour coded to match the cars. The docking station enables all four controllers and cars to be recharged simultaneously.

    The cars can be used to develop an understanding that pressing buttons can make things happen and help to develop the early stages of control. The cars can be used to support development of directional language.


  • Easi Detectors

    Easi-Detectors children's mini metal detectors

    A set of four brightly coloured rechargeable metal detectors with a docking station.

    The metal detectors can be used in science for exploring properties of materials, as well as in role-play and treasure hunting. The metal detectors are easy to use, and support independent learning.


  • Easi Phones


    A set of six different coloured rechargeable 'mobile phones' with a docking station. To call another phone, press the coloured square that matches that phone. Short messages can be recorded and replayed. These mobile phones are easy to use and can enhance speaking and listening, development of language skills, and role play. The phones can be used by three pairs of children simultaneously.


  • Easi Pulse Data Logger

    Easi-Pulse data logger

    The Easi pulse data logger can be used as a stand alone pulse meter or attached, via, USB to the computer, using the software provided. When away from the computer the brightly coloured display will show pulse rate and oxygen levels, as well as a graph. When attached to the computer children are able to see their pulse and how it fluctuates in different situations.

    The software allows children to input their name, date of birth, weight and height as well as print off the of results gathered over specified time intervals.


  • Easi Scope Microscope

    Easi-Scope hand-held digital microscope

    This simple plug and play device attaches to your computer via USB and includes its own LED lighting system.

    Simply hold the Easi-Scope over the object, focus by turning the top then take videos or still images using the single control button at up to x43 magnification (using a 17" monitor).


  • Easi Speak microphone

    Easi-Speak microphones

    Simple rechargeable microphone that can be used away from the computer to record and playback up to four hours of voices, music, sound effects, etc. Files can be saved onto the computer as either MP3 or WAV via the USB port. The Easi-Speak is simple to use and can be used to support any curriculum area where children may need to capture their ideas and information. The microphone can be used for speaking and listening, role-play activities, recording information in, for example, outdoor science activities. The microphone is particularly useful for developing writers to record their ideas.


  • Easi Speak Pro

    Easi-Speak Pro

    The sleek and stylish Easi-Speak Pro, designed to appeal to children aged 9 upwards and taking on board feedback from teachers and advisors. In addition to the popular features of Easi-Speak microphones Easi-Speak Pro includes:

    • single touch record, simple playback (WAV or MP3)
    • integrated USB and rechargeable lithium battery
    • LCD screen with a fully integrated menu system, showing the track number playing, battery life, memory status and recording format
    • dual headphone sockets
    • belt clip to attach to clothing.

    Designed in a modern metallic silver casing the Easi-Speak Pro is attractive to students and teachers alike.


  • Easi Speak Soundstation

    Easi-Speak sound station

    The rechargeable Easi-Speak sound station enables you to connect and playback recordings from the Easi-Speak or Rainbow Easi-Speak microphones. Playback can be either through the built in speakers or through up to six headphone sockets. This portable device can be used both inside and outside the classroom and enables both group work or whole class work.


  • Easi View Visualiser

    Easi-View visualiser

    Designed with Primary Schools in mind the Easi-View brings together all the most popular features of a classroom projector. Enables you to share work with the whole class, view 3D objects and take pictures and videos to upload on to your VLE.


  • Flexi Scope


    The Flexi-Scope is simple to use as easily connected to any PC USB port. Flexi-Scope has a true 1.3 MP CMOS sensor to capture high quality images at magnifications of up to 200X. The microscope has a flexible gooseneck and can be easily positioned to view even difficult objects. The bright, adjustable, LED lighting can be used to illuminate the subject when working in subdued lighting.

    The easy to use software is compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7 and includes measurement software so that children can make sub millimetre measurements and add dimensions to captured images.


  • Green screen kit

    Green screen kit

    Green Screen technology allows you or your talent to go anywhere the imagination can take you! This comprehensive kit contains everything you need for a full green screen setup - lights, stands, softboxes, greenscreen, digital image backgrounds, digital video backgrounds, instructional DVDs and trial photo and video software from Adobe. The educational DVDs included cover all aspects of set up, lighting and posing. Kit includes:

    • 2 x uLite Constant Lights
    • 2 x 20" Collapsible Soft Boxes
    • 2 x 6.5' Light Stands
    • 2 x 500-watt Photofloods
    • 1 x 9' x 10' wrinkle-resistant Green Screen background
    • 1 x Background DVD - Images
    • 1 x Background DVD - Animated Video
    • 1 x Adobe Photoshop Elements Trial
    • 1 x Adobe Premiere Elements Trial
    • 1 x Educational DVD - Photo
    • 1 x Educational DVD - Video


  • Hue Visualiser

    Hue HD webcam/visualiser

    Hue is perfect for free worldwide video chat on Skype, MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger and every other major network, as well as for recording YouTube videos and making home movies. It’s also proving very popular in schools as a document camera or visualizer.


  • LEGO Mindstorms


    MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 combines the versatility of the LEGO building system with all-new technologies, an intelligent microcomputer brick and intuitive drag-and-drop programming software. The new 2.0 toolkit features everything you need to create your first robot in 30 minutes and then thousands of other robotics inventions that do what you want!


  • LEGO WeDo construction kit

    LEGO® WeDo™ Robotics construction set

    The WeDo construction set enables students to build and program simple LEGO models that are connected to a computer.

    Set includes:

    • a Motor, Motion and Tilt sensors and LEGO USB Hub
    • LEGO Education WeDo Software v1.2 and Activity Pack 2000097
    • 158 pieces
    • Age: 7+


  • Lenovo Thinkpad 1838

    Lenovo ThinkPad tablet 1838

    Android 3.1 (Honeycomb), 32GB, 10.1"Screen, IPS (1280 x 800), rear and front cameras, SD slot, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G, in Black.


  • ProBot


    Bright attractive car design, with child appeal Robust and durable to withstand everyday use. Can operate independently or alongside your PC. Can be used simply by programming arrows or accepts more complex commands. Routes taken can be drawn using our simple pen mechanism and a standard felt tip pen. Fully functional headlights using light sensors. Voice activated functions Bumper sensor 4 locators points on the body allows the use of K'NEX.

    Please note that the Probotix software is not compatible with Vista and Windows 7.


  • Rainbow Easi Speak

    Rainbow Easi-Speaks

    Set of six rainbow coloured simple rechargeable microphones in that can be used away from the computer to record and playback up to four hours of voices, music, sound effects, etc. Files can be saved onto the computer as either MP3 or WAV via the USB port. Rainbow Easi-Speaks are simple to use and can be used to support any curriculum area where children may need to capture their ideas and information. The microphones can be used for speaking and listening, role play activities, recording information in, for example, outdoor science activities. The microphone is particularly useful for developing writers to record their ideas.

    The set of six can be used for sequencing activities where for example, different parts of a story or set of instructions can be recorded on each one then mixed up for the pupils to sequence. When used as a group or class set, the pupils can easily remember which microphone they were using.


  • Recordable Magnifiers

    Recordable magnifiers

    A recordable magnifier on a lanyard that enables children to record up to 30 seconds of observations. The magnifiers are 9cm in diameter and have dual lens, with 2x and 4x magnification.

    In science developing writers can record their observations and play them back, and perhaps use this as a stimulus for writing. Pupils can review their work easily and can re-record if they want to. Each magnifier takes 2 x AAA batteries.


  • Recordable pegs

    Recordable pegs

    A set of six different coloured recordable pegs. A 10 second message can be recorded easily by pressing a button. These pegs can be used for sequencing activities to support and enhance numeracy, literacy, as well as other curriculum areas. In history for example they can be used to create talking timelines. Instructions could be recorded to support independent learning.

    The pegs can be clipped on or attached magnetically so can be used in talking displays to make information more accessible for developing readers.


  • Sifteo Cubes

    Sifteo cubes

    Sifteo’s Intelligent Play™ Platform is a fresh, tactile take on interactive play. Use your hands to move, shake, flip, rotate and neighbour your Sifteo cubes. Bringing together two great play traditions, combining classic play patterns from games like chess, dominoes and jigsaw puzzles with the richness of interactive game technology for an experience that is exciting, challenging, and fun. Sifteo cubes have all kinds of puzzles and games to exercise spatial reasoning, word-finding, pattern-matching and other cranial powers.


  • Tuff Cam 2

    Tuff Cam 2

    Tuff Cam is a rugged rechargeable digital camera with a 2.0 inch high quality TFT screen. The camera can be used to take pictures up to 12 mega-pixel or VGA video at 20 frames per second. The Tuff Cam can also record audio. There is a docking station to enable easy connection to a PC. The 64MB internal memory can be expanded up to 2GB using an SD card.

    The camera is easy to use and will support and enhance many areas of the curriculum, for example; in literacy children could write a news report or weather forecast and film themselves as news reporters or weather forecasters, to support instructional writing pupils could write a script and make an instructional video and retelling a well known story could be done through stop frame animation. The camera could be used to record their learning in video or in pictures as well as sound using the audio recording facility.


  • Vien Viewer

    Vein viewer

    The brand new vein viewer can cleverly tell the difference between your arteries and your veins. Haemoglobin carries oxygen molecules around the body and using this with near infra-red light the Vein Viewer projects an image of the veins straight onto the whiteboard. Everyone will want a go with this, reinforcing all the major learning points through kinaesthetic learning.


  • Visualiser SDP860

    Visualiser (SDP-860)

    Experience crystal clear image quality in your own classroom delivered by Samsung's new SDP-860 and advanced ISP chip set with 2D/3D noise reduction technology.

    This product is designed specifically with the needs of the presenter in mind and works with Interactive Whiteboards, Projectors, PC Monitors and TV's, connecting via High-Speed USB 2.0, showing any image to your audience, or saving an image to be used later.