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Could the data in your school's SIMS system be working harder for you?

The management information system has become critical for driving efficiency and informing decisions and possible interventions for learners. But what can you do to ensure your school gets the most from the data held in SIMS? How can it be used to support your vision, your improvement objectives, and help to raise standards?

Our new Hampshire School Performance Consultancy Service is tailored to meet your school's requirements.

This service includes an on-site visit with an advisor assigned to your school. We will work with you to conduct a strategic review, discuss your current use of data, support the further efficiency of the data and identify training opportunities and professional development needs.

We will provide an action plan designed to help you make effective strategic and policy decisions and use SIMS to inform staff so that they can improve and sustain educational outcomes.


The Hampshire School Performance Consultancy Service includes:

  • An assigned Hampshire SIMS for School Performance consultant
  • Half day on-site strategic review and design of action plan
  • Identifying school performance and the actions needed to address them
  • Working with you to devise and implement school performance strategies, making use of data held within SIMS
  • Ensuring senior leaders are able to benefit from the data-rich environment of your school's management information system
  • Supporting you with the introduction of new processes which use SIMS
  • Supporting implementation of new software and new features within SIMS
  • Providing bespoke one-to-one, in-house and group training/Professional Development
  • A range of bespoke leadership and management training and professional development to address areas of school improvement
  • Delivering one-to-one and group training courses on-site at your school or academy
  • Training for new members of staff and those taking on new roles and responsibilities
  • Using your own school's data, helping you see immediate relevance and connections

Interested? Email for more details.

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