Emergency Planning

Preparing for Emergencies – What you can do

We all hope that an emergency never happens. However, if it does, there is some simple advice you can follow to try to minimize any effect it has on you. Even before an emergency takes place, there are some steps you can plan for you and your family's safety. Above all the message is to listen to all the instructions you are given by the emergency services and Council staff and do as you are asked.

Before any emergency takes place:

Check that your home is adequately insured and that everything that you want to be covered is covered. Make sure your property is in good order. Learn how and where to turn off your water, electricity and gas supplies. Collect and maintain an emergency pack.


A sudden emergency may mean you need to contact relatives, health services, emergency services and repair services quickly. Keep important telephone numbers here. Elderly, disabled or ill people can add the numbers of their health workers and other helpers.

If you discover or experience an emergency situation, dial 999

When you dial 999 the first person to answer will be an operator who will ask what emergency service you require. They will ask for your telephone number because, if your line is cut. or you are unable to continue the call, the operator can trace where you are and send assistance. Please do not ring the emergency services unless it is a genuine 999 matter.

If a major emergency affects the area in which you live, tune into your local radio station or switch on the TV for advice and information. Listen out for emergency phone numbers that may be released. Information and notification of an incident may also be given from other sources including: a van driving around using loud hailers to inform you, a visit from an officer to tell you personally or other ways. Be a good neighbour and pass on warnings to those who may have missed the warnings and check on the elderly and infirm.

If you have any questions on this information, contact your local authority and ask to speak to the Emergency Planning Officer. Suggestions are made for guidance only, always follow the direct instructions of the Emergency Services in the event of an emergency.