Emergency Planning

Severe Storms

Check for Met Office Warnings!


  • Check the TV, radio, newspapers and internet for the latest information and early warnings.
  • Park your car off the road and away from trees and high walls.
  • Make sure your house is in good order.
  • Secure outdoor items. Bring in as many items as possible that are lying around outside.
  • Close windows, clear window sills and draw the curtains to protect against flying glass.
  • Check on vulnerable or elderly neighbours or relatives to ensure they are ok and that they will be safe where they are.


  • Stay away from the windows and stay on the ground floor where possible.
  • Check the TV, radio, newspapers and internet for the latest information.
  • Make essential journeys only.
  • If you must travel, make sure that you are fully prepared for all events and conditions.
  • Obtain a weather forecast and if possible determine the road conditions for the journey you are going to take.


  • If damage has occurred inform your landlord or insurers.
  • If the water, gas or electricity mains are not working inform the appropriate supplier.
  • Without risking personal safety try to rope off or protect any damaged areas to prevent possible injuries to yourself or your family