Equality and Diversity

Corporate Equalities Employment Policy

10. Monitoring

The effectiveness of the policy can only be judged by using information about how it is operating. The County Council will use a monitoring system to collect data and allow assessment to be made by the County Council, trade unions and the groups covered by the policy on the progress made in putting the policy into action.

The monitoring system will establish the extent to which ethnic minorities, women, disabled people and other disadvantaged groups are represented in occupational and salary/wage grouping and training and management development activities. The County Council will develop ways of monitoring the effectiveness of its policies towards lesbians, gay and bisexual people in discussion with representatives of these groups.

The monitoring system depends on information being available, therefore, all employees and job applicants will be asked to indicate their ethnic origin and whether they are disabled on a self classification basis. The reasons for monitoring will be made clear to all applicants. The giving of this information will be entirely optional, but the County Council will urge co-operation to assist in monitoring progress of its equalities programmes.

No information obtained as part of the monitoring of equality in employment, which may identify individuals, will be given to any organisation outside the County Council unless required by law.