Equality and Diversity

Staff Disability Forum

The disability forum is made up of a group of staff from different departments who are interested in promoting equality for disabled staff and service users/customers. We aim to ensure that the views of this group are considered when the council develops its policies, planning processes and procedures. The forum has developed a database of disability related issues and will provide updates on the progress made in resolving these.

Some members of the forum have been designated as disability champions.


These are held quarterly in the Mitchell Room, EII Court Winchester (unless otherwise stated). Please contact the Chair for forthcoming dates.

Terms of Reference

The group will:

  • Send a positive signal to employees, potential employees, customers and potential customers that Hampshire County Council is a respectful and supportive environment for disabled people;
  • Raise awareness of the two ticks scheme;
  • Provide a contact point and support network for disabled staff, carers and colleagues working with disabled service users;
  • Promote best practice, relating to communication/different formats, workstyle, access, monitoring, learning and development and provide positive case studiesWork with Equality Leads to address culture changes needed to make HCC an even more inclusive employer and service provider;
  • Assist in developing and implementing policies and strategies aimed at tackling disability discrimination and promoting equalities of opportunities for disabled people – staff and customers;
  • Provide feedback and support to Senior Managers on general and specific issues affecting disabled staff and service users where required;
  • Identify and address discrimination;
  • Provide development opportunities for its members to ensure that they can act as equality champions.


Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend this group regardless of whether you are disabled or not. You can either join the group to attend the quarterly meetings or just come for one meeting to discuss a specific issue. The meetings last approximately two hours.

Members are permitted to attend meetings in work time. Meetings are scheduled in advance it is the individual member’s responsibility to give sufficient notice to their manager.


The network reports to the Equality, diversity and Inclusion Manager, Thematic disability leads and other Equality Leads across the County Council. The network work closely with HR and will update the relevant partners as required.


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